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Bath Salt Therapy - All natural ancient herbs, magnesium salts & pure essential oils.

An Ayurvedic medicinal recipe known to rejuvenate, detoxify, increase circulation and promote relaxation.


The warmth of the mustard and ginger powder helps your body flush out impurities while the Magnesium alleviates stress and soothes sore muscles and joints.

Scented with a nourishing spicy blend of Black Pepper, Spruce and Cedarwood essential oils.


100% Natural - Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - Handmade in Australia

Bath Soak - Eclipse

  • Epsom salt (Magnesium sulphate), Sodium Bicarbonate, Mustard Powder, Ginger powder, ESSENTIAL OILS: Black Pepper, Black Spruce, Cedarwood.

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