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Harnessing the colours of the rainbow for truely magical skin. Treat acne, rosacea, pigmentation, aging, inflammation, eczema and increase skin health with this little wonder of an LED mask


Lightweight, comfortable, stylish and easy to use

LED Face Masks

Delivery Dec 5th (at the latest)
  • All 7 colours needed for total skin rejuvenation and to treat any skin problem

    Red, 630nm
    Blue, 460nm
    Purple, 390-410nm
    Green, 520-525nm
    Yellow, 570-590nm
    Cyan, 480-490nm
    NIR, 830nm 


    105 light beads inc 2 on the nose


    38-48 mW/cm output (except obviously NIR aka the magic naked light!)


    TGA, FDA, CE and RoHS certified

  • Lightweight and comfortable mask made of food grade silicone weighing only 260 grams (vs 600 of many) makes this mask super comfortable
    and means it will bend over 30,000 times (vs

    the 6000of heavier masks) Being light it sits closer to the face and allows for better light penetration and less light leakage.

    Eye shields for protection (and so you can work on the computer, read or watch tele with it on)


    Adjustable straps for extra comfort Portable and easy to use
    5 strength settings
    Timer up to 30min


    24V DC contoller means a more consistent light flow and higher light output of 38 -48w

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