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Infrared Sauna

Detox - Recover - Relax

Using controlled heat exposure with regular infrared sauna sessions has many proven benefits for the body and mind.

Come and experience it for yourself.


Sauna Sessions


30min "add on" Session

Start you treatment journey with a 30min Sauna session. This is exclusively an "add on" treatment and can only be booked in conjunction with another treatment i.e Massage, Facial.

1 Person $40

2 People $30 each


45min Session

Improve resilience, immunity and general physical and mental well being.

Our 45min sessions are designed to give you optimal time to relax and enjoy our sauna specific space.

1 Person $50

2 People $40 each



Regular sauna may reduce the risk of age-related decline in immune function, improve recovery and overall health.

A study has found regular sauna use was associated with a 40% reduction in all-cause mortality.

5x 45min Sessions $199

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Sauna Tips & Tricks

How to improve your sauna session and get the most our of your time.

What do I wear?

What ever is comfortable... and you are happy to get sweaty in!

You may want to wear a swim suit, bike shorts, gym gear or go naked.

Our space is completely private and the doors can be locked.

What do you do during
the session?

Ideally this is the perfect time to switch off. Focus on your breathing and settle the nervous system.

You can connect your phone to the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and listen to your choice of music, podcast, meditation etc

Bring a book or magazine if you like reading to wind down.

How do I prepare for a
sauna session?

- Make sure you are well hydrated pre sauna session.

- Avoid heavy foods/meals before coming in.

- We have warm tea available and suggest a cup before entering the sauna; this helps increase your internal body temperature and decreases the shock on the system.

- Drink plenty of water throughout your time in the sauna

- Take a cool shower post sauna. This helps cool you down and cleanse your skin of perspiration and toxins.

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