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Sculpt & Lift
"Awakening Facial"

NeoLifting® is more than just a beauty technique; it's a transformative technique that enhances both physical appearance and psycho-emotional well-being.

Before & After

What's Involved

This innovative treatment acts as a non-invasive facelift that offers an alternative to injectables. Not only that, but it also reduces wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity, contours and defines the face, and improves age-related structural changes.

What to expect in the Sculpt & Lift "Awakening Facial"

Breath work and lymphatic drainage - Stabilizing the nervous system, allowing the body and mind to rest. Gentle, intentional movements to awaken the lymphatic system and allow the body to reach homeostasis

Sculpting and modeling the face - A workout for your face! Training your facial muscles with specific movements, ranging from slow, deep, controlled movements to fast, stimulating, vibrational work. All designed to achieve effects similar to plastic surgery.

Intra oral (Buccal) massage - Working on the facial muscles from the inside allows for deeper, more precise work. This technique targets tension and also enables the muscle tissues to release emotional residue. Fantastic for treating deep lines on the face and those who suffer TMJ pain.

Head massage - Completing the Awakening Facial is a targeted scalp and head massage. Reducing any remaining tension and leading to overall physical and mental well-being.

Emotional well-being - Through out this entire journey your mental and emotional state will be supported and cared for. This treatment goes beyond the physical realm. Using several modalities to calm your mind and release stored emotions you will leave with a sense of freedom and clarity.

Treatment Pricing

This facial is recommended as a course of treatments. Just as you would join a gym program expecting brilliant results at the end, this is exactly how NeoLifting works.

90min Awakening

Includes: cleansing, breath work, lymphatic drainage, facial sculpting, intra oral technique, Qi Beauty eye lift, head massage, finishing creams/serums.

Plus a variety of holistic modalities to increase relaxation.

90min $360

Six Week Journey

Investing in not only the health of your skin but also your mental and emotional state of mind.

Each week we will check in and perform a 90min Awakening Facial. Targeting and correcting your concerns more and more.

5x 90min $1800

1x 90min Gifted Treatment

45min Ritual

This express version is designed for those who would like an introduction to NeoLifting or for clients who wish to maintain their results between treatments.

*Excludes Intra oral Massage

45min $200

AfterPay is available online only. We do not offer this in store. Please purchase your package here

This treatment does have a variety of contraindications. Please see below for further information.

Can I have this treatment?

Due to the nature of this treatment and its advanced techniques there are a number of contraindications for this service. Please consider these medical conditions before booking an appointment. We will also provide a thorough Client Intake Form before proceeding with your appointment.

Clients with the below conditions CANNOT have NeoLifting:

  • Contagious/Infectious diseases, including the common cold and flu - 7 day wait

  • Vaccinations - 14 day wait

  • Acute pain or medical conditions that require first aid

  • Severe unstable Hypertension and Heart problems; angina, pacemakers

  • Tumors and cancers currently being treated - Doctors clearance required

  • Pregnancy trimesters One and Three - Trimester Two Please advise

  • Thyroid dysfunctions or cysts unmanaged

  • Lymphatic inflammation, damaged lymphatic vessels or *removal of nodes - Please discuss with us

  • Acute Rosacea and/or inflammation of the skin; Psoriasis, Eczema and sunburn

  • Herpes Simplex (Cold Sores), bleeding gums, mouth ulcers

Please complete the Health Declaration form below

Health Declaration

Please fill out the following form
in order to receive this advanced facial.

Please tick any applicable

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