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Eco vegan makeup brushes for all purposes. Sleek design for expert application. All brushes are made from high quality corn resin or wood with vegan bristles and have eco properties.


eco vegan lip & conceal brush
Delicate brush for smaller areas, cover-up and outlining lips.


eco vegan multipurpose brush
Versatile brush for all liquid and cream products.


eco vegan blush & bronze brush
Powder brush to add colour, blush & bronzer to cheeks.


eco vegan line & blend brush
2-in-1 eye brush for classic lines and blending.


eco vegan smudge & shade brush
2-in-1 eye brush for smudging and shading.


eco vegan kabuki brush
Best versatile brush for our powder foundations and other powders.


eco vegan all-beauty brush
Petite brush for delicate areas plus our colour powders, highlighters and cream blushes.

Makeup Brushes

PriceFrom $36.00
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