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A softening, brightening cleanser that melts away ​ impurities. Infused with jojoba and sesame oils, it ​delivers a thorough cleanse that respects the skin’s ​delicate barrier. ​

Antioxidant-rich ingredients, including pomegranate ​and vitamin E, help prevent free radical-induced ​damage.


Supercharged with pomegranate enzymes, ​so skin is left fresh and radiant. ​ Dermatologist tested and approved. ​Suitable for all skin types.

  ✓ Dermatologist Approved*
  ✓ Clinically Proven*
  ✓ Kind to Skin*
  ✓ Suitable for Sensitive Skin*


    *Based on an independent clinical study conducted over a period of 40 days with 53 participants

    Tri - Action Cleanser

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